A business plan is your blue print to success.

In this short course we give you receive a template to edit and make your own, a video to guide you through each segment of your business, from premises, concept, hiring, fit out, products, marketing and PR.

Throughout your time enrolled on this course, Anne your coach will be on hand to help and guide you. Not sure which products or services to offer? Anne will help you find the right mix you will be thrilled to create.

Every successful business has a business plan, as this is a working breathing document, that you have as a guide and blue print, especially in tough times.

Business Coach Anne Cook

Hi, I’m Anne,

I have been in business for more than 24 years and previously working for large international corporations. I will guide you through this short course in creating your business for success.

Included in this course is two business coach sessions to guide you through starting your business, or if your business already exists, we can explore ways to better success

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1,100 د.إ

How To Create An Awesome Business Plan for Success

Business Partners
Business Partners

Having partners in your business means working with people you outsource as well as financial investors. Outsourcing helps reduce overheads

work better not harder
Hard work brings success?

Running your own business might sometimes feel like lifting weights and not gaining muscle. Working effectively with small goals of achievement not all hours of the day and night - brings success.

Working mindfully not exhaustively
Working mindfully

Working mindfully with clear set goals, with the support of your business plan and coach brings results daily, not yearly. This course is great for all businesses, start ups, new and existing. Having a plan and a coach is the path to success.